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Why Are Composite Shingles a Common Residential Roofing Choice?

Photo of A House With Shingle Roofing

Walk down almost any street in the country, and you're bound to notice many homes roofed with composite shingles. Even with long-lived materials like metal and slate on the market, most homeowners still opt for composite shingles — made with asphalt and fiberglass — when it's time to re-roof their home.

Why are composite roofing shingles so popular? Here are a few of the many reasons.

Composite Shingles Are Lightweight and Easy to Install

Today's composite shingles weigh less than ever before, thanks to the use of fiberglass, a lightweight yet durable material in their formulation. Their light weight makes them easier for roofers to install, so the roofers can work faster and finish the average roofing job within a day or two. Other roofing materials like slate and tile weight much more than composite shingles, so they take a lot longer to apply.

Some homes' walls cannot safely support the weight of heavier roof materials. Many homes were structurally designed with lighter roof materials like composite shingles in mind — so shingles are the safest, soundest choice for such homes.

Composite Shingle Roofs Are Easy to Repair

Composite shingles last 30 years on average, which is not as long as a metal or slate roof will last. The difference, however, is that composite shingle roofs are easy to repair. Your roofing company can replace just a few damaged shingles, and they can do so quickly and with only a few tools. It's safe to walk on composite shingles during the repair process, too.

Other roofing materials are harder to repair and require more specialized equipment. You have to be very careful when walking on a tile roof, which makes repairs even more challenging.

Composite Shingles Come in Specialized Varieties for All Climates

Homeowners sometimes assume their climate is too dry or too wet or too sunny for composite shingles.

However, shingle manufacturers have made great advancements in the last several decades and have made specialized shingles suitable for almost any climate. You can find wind-proof shingles for hurricane zones, algae-resistant shingles for cool, shady areas, and even fade-resistant, reflective shingles for hot, sunny places.

Composite Shingles Work Well on Oddly Shaped Roofs

Architects have become more creative with their roof designs in recent years. Multiple peaks, valleys, and eaves look stunning on a home, but roofing these designs with materials like tile and metal can be challenging.

Composite shingles, on the other hand, are easy to maneuver onto oddly shaped roofs. They're flexible, so they can be bent around turrets. They're also easy to install around vents, chimneys, and other elements without the need for specialized accessories.

Composite Shingles Are Affordably Priced

If you get estimates for several different roof materials, you'll often find composite shingles to be the most affordable option. This is because the materials from which the shingles are made are abundant and cheap and also because the shingles are so easy for roofers to install.

Lower-end asphalt shingles are not usually a smart choice because they deteriorate quite quickly. However, the higher-end shingles are a durable, attractive roof product that you can enjoy at a very fair price.

Homeowners on a budget are often able to roof their homes sooner when they choose affordable composite shingles over other roof materials. In the long-term, this is what's best for your home since any leaks are taken care of promptly.

Are you ready to learn more about the various types of asphalt shingles and select the perfect roof for your home? Contact DeMello Roofing or visit our website today. We offer free estimates and have been serving Marin County since 1927.


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