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Why Are Composite Shingles a Common Residential Roofing Choice?


Walk down almost any street in the country, and you're bound to notice many homes roofed with composite shingles. Even with long-lived materials like metal and slate on the market, most homeowners still opt for composite shingles — made with asphalt and fiberglass — when it's time to re-roof their home.

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Wood Shingle Roof Myths and the Facts You Should Know As a Homeowner


Aesthetically beautiful and traditionally popular, wood-shingled roofs could easily be deemed as one of the most popular forms of roofing material still in use today. In colonial times, wood shingles were the primary type of roofing in use. Even with today's modern advancements in roofing technology and materials, the classic look of wood shingles still appeals to many homeowners. 

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