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Gravel Roofs in Marin County, California

Roofing for Flat Roofs

Many homes and businesses, especially those located in particularly hot climates, have flat roofs. This is because there isn’t a need to have a traditional inclined roof due to the lack of precipitation. These flat roofs are convenient for builders, but what does this mean for homeowners? It turns out, repairing and replacing the roofing for these types of buildings is easy and appealing for many reasons.

Heat Protection

Flat roofs are protected by layers of tar and gravel. This roofing option helps protect your home from harmful UV radiation, saving you on your energy bill and keeping your home cooler.


Tar and gravel roofs are inexpensive, but don’t let their affordability cause you to question their quality. A well-maintained tar and gravel roof can last up to 30 years without costing you big bucks. It’s affordable and effective.


Because these types of roofs help regulate the temperature inside your home, you’ll save energy and money on heating and cooling services. This type of roof has been shown to reduce the temperature of your home up to 10 degrees during the summertime.

Tar & Gravel

Things to Consider

While a tar and gravel roof can provide homeowners with an excellent, affordable roofing alternative, it requires upkeep. You may need to add additional layers of protection from time to time or patch leaking holes. While these repairs seem daunting, they’re practical and affordable when handled by experts. Homeowners who choose to perform small protective tasks for their roofs will see the reward. A properly maintained roof can last up to 30 years.

Contact your local experts in tar and gravel roofing. When you call DeMello Roofing, you get a roofer, not a salesman. We’re here to provide you honest, quality service.

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